May 2, 2010

I Love You!!

spring is coming,
i feel it in the air tonight!!
your skin comforts mine,
touches my fragile senses.
i couldn't ask for better than this,
i have tonight,
U have me tonight...

but it wont last much longer...

the morning is coming,
and everything turns back to normal again!
i said the last love words long ago...

Im far from a happy ending,
but close from what i want!
i dont want an I Love You!!
i want a friend,
occasional meetings,
nothing more nothing less...

Cuz that makes sense to me,
it erases the conflict inside,
as im sliding of my clothes,
as it turns the disire...
To fire,
it makes sense,
it seems right,
both asking!!

At the end at the day its all the same,
im here,
your there,
both happy or not,
it doesn't matter!

Your asking it,
i cant,
i dont want to,
i gave it,
everything i could,
i gave it to you,
its crashing on my brain,
go right to the point,
To God Damn Late!

Stupid spring...

dont forget my friend!!

Nohing More, Nothing Less!


St André "o perdido" said...

Stupid spring will always be a part of our life, but there is more there is mess.