Apr 16, 2010

chuva, e desespero....

quero que me veneres,
que caias a meus pés,
que ressuscites as minhas glorias,
trás me de volta o que há muito perdi,
e que tarde reflecti!

molha as minhas faces,
trás me aquela,
a sensação,
o frio,
o medo,

não me deixes desesperar!
não me faças esperar,
faz a boa acção!

tira me da luz,
trás me o teu conforto!!


Alcohol does not console,
it does not fill the psychological voids,
but makes up for the absence of God.

It does not compensate the man,
on the contrary,
it animates his madness,
and transports him,
to supreme places,
where he can be the master of his own destiny!

it does not help,
but it does,
it spreads your wings higher,
higher than you ever thought you could...

but how,
how can we,
simple servants of democracy,
refuse it,

we can,
but i wont!

Apr 9, 2010

Hate Me...

i only have one.
I´d rather have your hate than have you...

cuz this is not healthy, this miracle state we confined our selfs in.
i don´t want this, pretending that i like you, so i don´t hurt you..
forget it.

hate in ways..
ways hard to swallow...

so that way, you stay away from me, and i stay really far away from you..
this is not the way i want, is the way it has to be!

matter of trust!

Apr 8, 2010

daily?? ?

every day
here i am
evrything i say
is like spam

no one hear it
even if i crwal
its a daily thing..
people crwaling
for nothing!

and U?
i knew it,
you r nothing but an egg
after broken,
theres no chance of recovering!

but im still..
just waitting, for my deep revenge!
ill get up, and excuse me
i will not stand on the ground with u!

Apr 6, 2010

Where'd You Go?

Where'd You Go?
do we?
do we really wanna know?
i dont..
so i cant follow u

For my friend!´