May 20, 2010

does god exists??

can anyone answer this for me??
is he really a he??
does he helps out and punishes?

i dont think so!!
god is a myth for the hopeless!
i believe in something,
i can do whatever i want if i want,
i just have to fight for it!!

we control,
sometimes i think!
unfortunately we control what happens,
when does it happen,
where does it happen,
and if it will be in a good use or not?

i know i know...
we cant control everything!!
mother nature is a big responsible for part of the things that happen!!
but if we cant control it at all,
we can make it better!!
we also can make it worse it is up to US!!

i dont believe in god, but i respect who does!!!
i just dont respect the mothers and grandmothers that force their young to belive it..

pray and god will help you at school,
oh, im gonna pray so my boyfriend comes back fast!

is it gonna work??
i dont think so...

but i think,
even better i know!!

we are the ones!!
good or not, we are the responsible for our selfs!!
lets give it a good use!!!
lets show our selfs that we dont need to believe in something that we dont know if it even exists!!
lets put our selfs on moving for our dreams, hopes, and fears!!!

but please dont forget,
if casually god does not exist,
it does not exist too!!!

dont get me wrong!!
i really respect who believes in god..
im just trying to show my point without being disrespectful,
trying to help!!!